The Truth About Putting: A simple system for dependable short-putting and feel-enhanced long-putting (English Edition)

By Anthony Procopis, owner and creator of The Truth About Putting.The information in this book has come from a lifetime of playing, studying, practicing and competing at golf, and a 7-year-old website – The Truth About Putting – which has served up free and paid information, via books, email-lessons and video, to tens of thousands of golfers (from high handicap golfers to touring professionals).This book is broken into 4 sections - plus the introduction and overview of the methodology. The sections are: 1. Introduction and an overview of the books contents and The Truth About Putting methodology. The sub-headline for this book describes it as, "A simple system for dependable short-putting and feel-enhanced long-putting". 2. Section 1 - Short Putting: the largest of the sections. Short-putting differs from long putting in that there is an expectation to make these putts in one shot. This expectation naturally increases pressure. The process in the book - "the 4 R's of putting" - will help you deal with the pressure and keep you focused on the process which will result in a dependable, free flowing stroke and solid short-putting. 3. Section 2 - Long Putting: very good medium to long putting is about putting with the correct feel along the correct line. Better green reading plays a big part in generating the appropriate feel. This section gives you information that when applied, will help you hit long putts next to the hole more often (and in) - by improving the simple process of, see, feel and swing (and review).4. Section 3 – Practice, technique, and equipment. This book is NOT a detailed exploration into the technique of putting; the putting stroke a simple skill; too much analysis and or conscious manipulation is counterproductive. Once the correct set-up and grip is established (as outlined in this section), good putting comes down to reading the greens, routine, swinging without delay, and then reviewing.5. Section 5 is broken into six stories and includes:Subscribers to The Truth About Putting - their questions and answers. In-round insights from myself about rounds played and lessons learned and or relearned. The Truth About Putting gives golfers of all levels, processes to follow for dependable short-putting and feel-enhanced long-putting. Below, are quotes published on The Truth About Putting website (success stories page) from readers:1. Quote from Peter, 59 year old, 3 handicapper, from Florida:"I shot a 68 without a bogey on the card". I'm averaging anywhere between 26 and 30 putts and almost never 3-putt. I have never putted like this is my whole golfing career [40 years]. I used to feel anxious on 3-5 foot putts, not now, I make them easy and under pressure....thank you." 2. Quote from Ross, 77 year old, 14 handicapper, from Australia:"I have has some really good rounds of late including two stableford rounds of 45, thanks to some solid shot-making and remarkable improvement in putting. I actually feel confident on the greens now."3. Quote from Joan from Australia in regards to winning her club championship by 20 shots:"I must tell you I had 24 putts! Which is the best I have ever had. 10 putts on the front nine and 14 on the 2nd nine. It's all due to The Truth About Putting." 4. Quotes from 65 year old, Larry, from Texas:"The number of putts, per 18 holes, that I averaged, prior to The Truth About Putting, was 32 on a good day, to 38 on a bad day. So 32-38 average putts were the usual number of strokes I had accepted for my game. That was until you and I teamed up to improve my putting for each round in my golf game.In the last 30 to 45 days, my number of putts, per 18 holes, have averaged from 27 on a good day, to 34 on a bad day. 27-34 average putts is the improvement so far. This is based on 20 rounds of golf.My sincere thanks."

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Book Title: The Truth About Putting: A simple system for dependable short-putting and feel-enhanced long-putting (English Edition)

Book Author: Anthony Procopis

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ISBN: B017R9H06S