Crown Green Bowling Practice Manual (English Edition)

In this manual, Andy Fleming explains that, in order to improve your ability at crown green bowling, obviously you must practice. However, this does not simply mean practicing to perfect actual bowling techniques, but one has to also train their mind. Through recognising this will develop your abilities as a crown green bowler. Through applying emotional intelligence as a means for training the brain will enable you to win the inner mental game of crown green bowling. Practicing awareness is one of, if not the most, important aspects of the mind game. Practicing awareness involves watching your bowl from the outset to the conclusion of its journey or having the ability to judge the distance between a bowl and the jack from the mat, aspects such as these are important to your game. Accumulating the required data will enable your brain to make the necessary calculations and adjustments. Your mind is your own personal computer; all you need to do is programme it correctly. Imagine being able to visualise your bowl coming to rest against the jack and then executing the shot exactly as you intended. What if you were able to judge the distance between your last bowl and the jack from the mat so that your next bowl was nothing short of perfect leaving your competitor dumbfounded? The Crown Green Bowling Practice Manual outlines the key principles of training the mind and provides 14 practice activities that will help you to do just that.

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Book Title: Crown Green Bowling Practice Manual (English Edition)

Book Author: Andy Fleming

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