RUNSPIRATIONS (English Edition)

RUNSPIRATIONS is the book you need to overcome the hurdles all runners face, and to achieve your goals. It will get you moving when you feel like staying in bed, and put an extra zing in your step when you feel zonked.This runner’s guide has more than 150 runspirations--great stories, advice, and quotes--sure to get you out the door. Every page is packed with wisdom and practical action steps. Motivation is a runner’s job #1. Cultivate your RUNSPIRATIONS. Every. Single. Day. And then run stronger every single day.RUNSPIRATIONS is suitable for all ages. The young will be encouraged to follow a path of consistent, healthy running. Mid-lifers will be reminded to continue investing in their fitness. And senior runners will see that their quality of life can only be sustained by quality exercise.We agree that “It’s not about the years in your life; it’s about the life in your years.” And the way to feel fully alive is not with a fist full of prescription meds, but a head full of powerful motivations.

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Book Title: RUNSPIRATIONS (English Edition)

Book Author: AmBurfoot

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ISBN: B082849F2B