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False accusation of rape - Wikipedia.

A false accusation of rape happens when a person says they have been raped when no rape has occurred. In a 2010 study of 136 reports of sexual assault investigated by a university police department, 8 (5.9%) were coded as false reports, 61 (44.9%) ....


Duke lacrosse case - Wikipedia.

Coordinates The Duke lacrosse case was a widely reported 2006 criminal case in Durham, North Carolina, United States in which three members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team were falsely accused of The three students were David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann. The accuser was Crystal Mangum, a student at North Carolina Central University who worked ....


Rape - Wikipedia.

A false accusation of rape is the reporting of a rape where no rape has occurred. It is difficult to assess the true prevalence of false rape allegations, but it is generally agreed by scholars that rape accusations are false about 2% to 10% of the time. In most cases, a false accusation will not name a specific suspect..


False allegation of child sexual abuse - Wikipedia.

A false allegation of child sexual abuse is an accusation against one or more individuals claiming that they committed child sexual abuse when no abuse has been committed by the accused. Such accusations can be brought by the alleged victim, or by another person on the alleged victim's behalf. Studies on the rate of recorded child abuse allegations in the 1990s suggested that the ....


Rape shield law - Wikipedia.

The military has incorporated the rape shield law into Military Rules of Evidence, Rule 412. The military's rape shield law also applies to Article 32, pre-trial proceedings. A recent news article, however, has accused defense attorneys of violating rape shield protections during a pre-trial proceeding. In 1999, in the case of People v..



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Rape during the Bosnian War - Wikipedia.

The Bosnian War was the first time that mass rape was recognized and prosecuted by an international tribunal. Genocidal rape is a feature of campaigns which involve ethnic cleansing and genocide, as the objective is to destroy or forcefully remove the target population, and ensure they do not return. According to Amnesty International, the use of rape during times of war is ....


Ajmer rape case - Wikipedia.

1992 Ajmer serial rape of Hindu girls; Location: Ajmer, Rajasthan, India: Coordinates: Coordinates: Type: Young hindu girl sexual abuse and blackmailing (Estimated 7,000 (1991-1992, according to the media report) aged approximately 11-20: Reporter: Madan Singh editor of Navjyoti, with information from local residence.Madan Singh was later killed by conspirators..


Scottsboro Boys - Wikipedia.

The Scottsboro Boys were nine African American teenagers, ages 13 to 20, accused in Alabama of raping two white women in 1931. The landmark set of legal cases from this incident dealt with racism and the right to a fair trial.The cases included a lynch mob before the suspects had been indicted, all-white juries, rushed trials, and disruptive mobs.It is commonly cited as an example ....


Laws regarding rape - Wikipedia.

Rape is a type of sexual assault initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent.The act may be carried out by physical force, under threat or manipulation, by impersonation, or with a person who is incapable of giving valid consent.. Definitions of rape vary, but they generally require some degree of sexual penetration without consent..


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Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Ahead of his Lollapalooza performance, Black Coffee sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about the past, present, and future of ....


False confession - Wikipedia.

A false confession is an admission of guilt for a crime which the individual did not commit. Although such confessions seem counterintuitive, they can be made voluntarily, perhaps to protect a third party, or induced through coercive interrogation techniques. ... five teenagers aged from 14 to 16 falsely confessed to assault and rape of a white ....


Ages of consent in South America - Wikipedia.

For ages over 15, however, a lawsuit can be initiated only by a minor or the minor's parents, except when the minor has no parents or legal guardian, or where the accusation is brought against a parent or legal guardian (Art. 279). Suriname. The age of consent in Suriname is 16 (altered from 14 in 2009). [citation needed].


Rape in India - Wikipedia.

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. According to the 2019 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 32033 rape cases were registered across the country, or an average of 88 cases daily, slightly lower than 2018 when 91 cases were registered daily. The share of victims who were minors or below 18 - the legal age of consent - ....


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Charles Christian Porter (born 11 July 1970) is an Australian former politician and lawyer who served as the 37th Attorney-General of Australia from 2017 to 2021 in the Turnbull government and the subsequent Morrison government.He was a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Division of Pearce from 2013 to 2022 and a member of the Liberal Party of Australia..


Joe Biden sexual assault allegation - Wikipedia.

During the 2020 election campaign for President of the United States in March 2020, Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden's U.S. Senate office, alleged that Biden, the former U.S. vice president and Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election, sexually assaulted her in 1993 in a Capitol Hill office building when she was a staff assistant in his office..


Rape in English law - Wikipedia.

Rape was an offence under the common law of England and was classified as a felony.. The common law defined rape as "the carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will". The common law defined carnal knowledge as the penetration of the female sex organ by the male sex organ (it covered all other acts under the crime of sodomy).The crime of rape was unique ....


Satanic panic - Wikipedia.

The Satanic panic is a moral panic consisting of over 12,000 unsubstantiated cases of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organized abuse, or sadistic ritual abuse) starting in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout many parts of the world by the late 1990s, and persisting today.The panic originated in 1980 with the publication ....


Conspiracy (criminal) - Wikipedia.

In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future. Criminal law in some countries or for some conspiracies may require that at least one overt act be undertaken in furtherance of that agreement, to constitute an offense.There is no limit on the number participating in the conspiracy and, in most countries, ....


Police brutality - Wikipedia.

The Guardian reports that incidents of police brutality skyrocketed by 312% from 2011 to 2012 compared to 2001 to 2002, with only 1 in 100 cases leading to a conviction. There were also 720 deaths in police custody due to police action from 2011 to 2012. In 2015, as a result of police officers being accused of crimes such as rape, torture, and murder, the cost of civil liabilities ....


Right to silence - Wikipedia.

The right to silence is a legal principle which guarantees any individual the right to refuse to answer questions from law enforcement officers or court officials. It is a legal right recognized, explicitly or by convention, in many of the world's legal systems. The right covers a number of issues centered on the right of the accused or the defendant to refuse to comment or provide ....